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MyFamilyHealth Store is a fund-raising project for charity Welcome Australia. 

Every item sold at MyFamilyHealth Store helps to fund vital health products and services for many who would not otherwise have the financial means to purchase the products or health services they require.  We welcome you to advise us of any products you may require that are presently not displayed on our site as we draw from over 10,000 products. For any Registration difficulties or Questions, please call us on 1300 780 764 or click here to send a message. 

We Sincerely thank you for your continuing support. 

GREAT NEWS! We have recently purchased a CellWell Dynamic Energy System from CellWell International. This is a non invasive passive energy system that stimulates and massages the bodies cells allowing the body to become aerobic, oxygen rich with greater chance for the body to feel alive. This complements the world wide wellness revolution, it is the future of staying healthy and young. Beneficial for all ages. 

The CellWell Dynamic Energy Wellness System, is known as an electric-powered passive exercise system that stimulates and massages the body to give similar effects and benefits as walking continuously for 20-40 minutes and instead you do 1,000 paces per minute in the CellWell, but with no wear and tear on the body as there was no physical movement of your body. 

Read all about the CellWell Dynamic Energy System now at My Energy Health 

Now available for Sale in Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam and the Asia Pacific Region.  For Inquiries please click here. 

Our Top Selling Product 


New Zealand Colostrum

Building You A Strong Immunity

SAVE over $20.00 

Every Can you buy provides health support for someone in need.

* Buy 12 Cans and Get 1 Free + 2 Turbo Shakers  + FREE SHIPPING.

* Buy 6 Cans or more and Get 1 Turbo Shaker + FREE SHIPPING. 


Important for all MS Sufferers 

Why Pure Colostrum?

Doctors recomending Colostrum for:- 

* Boosting the body’s immune system * Aiding in digestion and bowl problems 

* Fighting foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and parasites 

* Improving tissue building and recovery process 

* Helping with Nutrient Uptake * Maintaining the body and improves energy level 

* Reduceing chronic fatigue, aches and soothe painful joints.  

* Helping with MS and disease prevention.

* General wellbeing and staying young with cell rejuvenation.

The Colostrum Miracle

Douglas Wyatt is one of the world's leading research and education authorities on biologics ( substances derived from animals or other biological sources used to treat or prevent disease).

He is the founder of an innovative and leading- edge biotech research company. Douglas's passion for biologics, he has become one of the nation's leading authorities on the use of colostrum and other biologics for human and animal health.

MIP Certified 100% Pure New Zealand Colostrum is undiluted Colostrum sourced from certified healthy, pasture-fed New Zealand cows that are free from pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic hormones. It is an incredible natural source of Proteins, Immunoglobulins, Growth Factors, Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals. Enhanced by an energising process to ensure biological activity. Everyone benefits from Colostrum for Healing and Prevention. Research and Build against Winter Flu with 100% MIP Pure Colostrum which is many times more protective than other products containing toxic adjuncts.

  $32.50 AU           $32.50 AU              

Quality Assurance

Strict quality control procedures are enforced during the manufacturing of MIP Colostrum. Final product is sampled and tested for chemical, sensory and microbial parameters using internationally recognised procedures in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory. During storage and shipment, precautions are taken to ensure that product quality is maintained. Each package is giving a batch number to enable trace back. Manufacturing premises operate under a Risk Management Programme approved by NZ Food Safety Authority. This programme incorporates a HACCP programme and certification to ISO 22000 and 14001. The bottling plant is GMP certified.

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