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  • Bread/Cake Mix
  • Flour

    The Lotus Commitment Superior products, with un-compromised quality, in superior packs offering good shelf life without artificial means. Lotus is a strong well known brand, it is based around the sourcing of the highest quality premium or organic raw materials. Quality is not compromised by artificial means to extend shelf life or during fumigation of imported products. For the organic products, if it is not a true organic food – we don’t stock it. Packaging has been developed and indeed set an Industry standard, with the use of being an oxygen barrier to ensure freshness, it’s clear so consumers can see what they are getting, it has a re-sealer for convenience, and where necessary, a natural oxygen absorbent sachet is included to help avoid deterioration of natural products such as raw wheat germ. Lotus is continually developing new and innovative products with clear health benefits with consumers in mind and solely for the health food market.

  • Sugars

    Organic Brown Sugar is derived from traditional unrefined raw cane sugar.

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