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Safe Soda Body 450g



Safe Soda Life BODY is high in pH and high in alkalinity that may help to neutralise the acid to bring your body back into balance and function more efficiently.

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    Safe Soda Life BODY 450g 

    Everything in nature breaks down with acid. Your body is no different. Combined with current western diets that are high in acid forming foods, your body may become acidic and may cause chronic disease. Safe Soda Life BODY is high in pH and high in alkalinity that may help to neutralise the acid to bring your body back into balance and function more efficiently. Everything in nature makes bicarb. Every plant, every animal, the ocean and your body makes bicarb for its ability to neutralise acids. That’s why bicarb is the most effective, safe and natural way to neutralise acids and increase your body’s pH and alkalinity. This is why at Safe Soda Life, we only use the highest medical/pharmaceutical grade bicarb for its purity, quality and strength.

    USAGE: For general health, take 1 level teaspoon (4 grams) of Safe Soda Life BODY in between 250ml and 500ml of water as desired, 30-60 minutes prior to food. For general health, take 1 level teaspoon (4 grams) in 500ml of water 30 to 60 minutes prior to food or 90 minutes after food. For more dosage applications see our Downloads Page and click on How To Test Yourself.

    100% Australian Owned

    May help to: Neutralise Acid, Alkalise the Body and Stabilise and Raise pH.

    Western diets are high in acid-forming foods, resulting in the body pH becoming more acidic. A diet and supplements high in Alkalinity may help to neutralise the acid to bring your body back into balance and function more effectively.

    Safe Soda BODY contains Pharmaceutical grade Bicarbonate of Soda that is highly alkaline and with a neutral taste.

    TAKE NOTICE: This is not a medication. You must check with your health practitioner before taking. Check with your health practitioner if you are taking other medicine, have known kidney problems, heart problem, high blood pressure, are pregnant or are on a low sodium diet. Safe Soda takes no responsibility for any unsafe practice.


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    What Is the Alkaline Diet Exactly? (See Below)

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    What Is the Alkaline Diet Exactly?

    Though there is no research to support these claims, the premise of the alkaline diet is that the foods you eat can change your body’s pH. Promoters of the diet believe that by eating foods that are less acidic and more alkaline, you’ll be protected from several health issues.

    Acid-Ash Hypothesis

    The diet centers on the unproven acid-ash hypothesis, which essentially says consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and with moderate amounts of protein promotes an alkaline load and a healthier lifestyle. (1)

    How Does the Plan Work?

    The alkaline diet emphasizes consuming alkaline foods in an attempt to make the body’s pH more alkaline. That said, it is impossible to change the body’s pH through diet. Indeed, the body’s pH actually varies based on the region. For example, the stomach is more acidic. (More on this later.)

    In any case, the measure of pH tells you how acidic or alkaline something is and ranges from 0 to 14.

    pH Levels in the Body
    0 is extremely acidic
    7 is neutral
    14 is very alkaline

    Alkaline Diet Food List: What to Eat and Avoid

    The diet is organized around the pH of individual foods. Some versions are less strict, meaning they may allow grains for their health benefits despite their slightly acidic pH. But generally, if you’re following the alkaline diet, you’ll want to follow the food list below, steering clear of the acidic foods, limiting or avoiding the neutral foods, and focusing on the alkaline foods. (2)

    Acidic Foods to Avoid

    Meat (especially corned beef, canned lunch meat, turkey, veal, and lean beef)
    Cottage cheese
    Cheese (especially Parmesan cheese, reduced-fat cheddar, and hard cheeses)
    Ice cream
    Eggs (the egg yolk in particular)
    Grains (brown rice, rolled oats, spaghetti, cornflakes, white rice, rye bread, whole-wheat bread)
    Peanuts and walnuts
    Other packaged, processed food
    Neutral Foods to Limit
    Natural fats such as olive oil, cream, butter, and milk

    Alkaline Foods to Eat

    Unsweetened fruit juices
    Black currants
    Vegetables (especially spinach)
    Mineral soda water
    Soy food

    Click here to read more


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Safe Soda Body 450g

Safe Soda Body 450g

Safe Soda Life BODY is high in pH and high in alkalinity that may help to neutralise the acid to bring your body back into balance and function more efficiently.

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